Importing your car to the UK can be a big decision, the required steps to register an imported vehicle would be extremely complicated and time consuming if you were to embark on the process not having done so before.

We can assist you by looking after some or all of the stages listed below. From collection from any UK or overseas port, warehouse or residence, UK modifications and testing, DVLA registration and finally returning the vehicle to you ready to use on UK Roads. 


We can collect the vehicle from any UK port or warehouse.



If you have already arranged your shipment to the UK, you will likely require our assistance to collect your vehicle from a UK port, warehouse or residence.

Unregistered vehicles should only be transported using a driver and trade plates or on a vehicle transporter. We can collect from any port or residence and undertake all of the necessary steps until your vehicle is registered in the UK and ready to be returned to you.

We can deliver the vehicle to you on completion of registration, or you may like to collect it from us. Please provide us with the relevant addresses and we will be happy to supply costs accordingly.


If you have not yet arranged shipping, we can organise this for you. Undertaking this by yourself can be a daunting process as there are various steps and agencies to deal with. We will act as a single point of contact and will organise the necessary steps to include:

  • Collection from an overseas residence.
  • Overseas customs and shipping procedures.
  • UK shipment receiving and customs procedures.
  • We will then collect the vehicle from a UK port, carry out the required modifications, testing and registration formalities, after which the vehicle can be returned to you ready to drive in the UK.

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We will carry out the necessary modifications for the vehicle to be legal for use on UK roads, to comply with European regulations and to pass any required tests.


The required UK modifications often includes, the installation of fog lamps, mph speedometers and headlight adjustments.
We are passionate about finding the most effective and professional solution for your vehicle and wherever possible we will work with a vehicles existing lighting unit to keep the vehicle looking original. We use only approved and carefully chosen parts to give a high-quality and long lasting solution.
American vehicles require more involved lighting changes to be legal for use on roads in the UK and Europe.Further information can be found on our American vehicles page


We will organise government testing for vehicles under 10 years old from outside the EU.


Vehicles under 10 years old from outside the EU will require a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Individual Vehicle Approval test (DVSA IVA Test).

Vehicles submitted for IVA inspections need to demonstrate that they comply with the technical provisions of Directive 2007/46/EC. The IVA scheme checks that vehicles constructed for non-European markets comply with UK law. Even vehicles which appear outwardly similar to European specification models, but are intended for other markets, can often prove unsuitable for use in the United Kingdom without at least some modification. The scheme ensures that these vehicles have been designed and constructed to modern safety and environmental standards



All vehicles over 3 years old also require an MOT test for general roadworthiness.

Vehicles over 10 years old do not require a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Individual Vehicle Approval test (DVSA IVA Test), but often need modifications to be UK road legal and an MOT test before they can be registered in the UK.


Vehicles under 10 years old from within the EU will require a certificate of mutual recognition from the Vehicle Certification agency (VCA). To obtain this we will need to supply an original Certificate of Conformity from your manufacturer, we will also need to demonstrate to the VCA that we have carried out the necessary UK modifications.


We will register your vehicle with the DVLA.


We will advise what documentation we require to register your vehicle with the UK registration authority (DVLA); a crucial document is the original foreign registration document. If you do not have an original foreign registration document, we can arrange alternative documentation from your vehicle manufacturer.
We will liaise with our dedicated contact at the DVLA regarding the progress of your application.


Upon completion of registration you will be given a UK registration number ready for the vehicle to be returned to you.


Once registration is completed, we will organise registration plates and your vehicle will be taxed ready for use on UK roads. We can deliver your vehicle or you may collect it from us. We can assist you with obtaining UK car insurance for your imported vehicle.

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